Can your wallet cause you back pain?


When it comes to purchasing the right wallet, men often don't care about the thickness of the wallet they like. Here are a few reasons that will make you stop for a moment and rethink before you pay for your next wallet!

Sometimes you can not know exactly what's causing your back pain, it can be your way of lifting heavy stuff or your old mattress or maybe leaning on your desk for many hours. All these can be reasons behind your back discomfort. But today we will give another mysterious reason that maybe you have never thought about; it is your fat wallet! 

Fact : Averagely you spend half of your day sitting; while driving, working, having your favorite meal, and even while chatting with your friends. During this time a fat thick wallet is in your back pocket putting more presser on your hip joint and causing major trouble for your back. 


For a better understanding, consider that you spend this dangerous amount of hours sitting on a broken chair that is forcing you to sit crooked and twist your back without even noticing. This can only lead to raise your risk of some serious back issues.

 It all starts when your sciatic nerve; which is the large nerve that extends from the lower back down to each leg, gets stressed between the wallet and your hip. This will eventually cause SCIATICA. 

you may wonder if you have SCIATICA, according to Harvard Health Publishing, 40% of people are facing SCIATICA and experiencing lower back pain. SCIATICA has many symptoms besides the lower back pain that starts from the hip and spreads down to the foot, the patient may also experience some numbness and weakness.

So if you have been suffering from these symptoms, we recommend you replace your fat wallet with a minimalist super-thin one that will not cause any decline along with enhancing your posture and working out regularly.

With this knowledge in mind, we've designed our BA wallets to be a minimalist wallet that can never cause your back any damage. We've engineered our wallets to be super slim that fits perfectly into your front or back pocket and hold all up to 10 cards and your daily cash without getting any thicker. 

5 ways to reduce your Back Pain

  1. Walk more often: walking can be very helpful, it gets people out of a sitting posture and puts their bodies in an upright position.
  2. Get rid of your poor posture: while doing daily activities, people put unnecessary strain on their backs by keeping their poor posture.
  3. Develop a daily exercise plan: exercising is essential in strengthening your back muscles and reducing the pain: Bridges, Knee-to-chest stretches, Pelvic tilts...etc 
  4. Do some Yoga : yoga can improve your flexibility and relief the tension and tightness that can cause you back pain.
  5. Use heating pads and cold packs: This can provide some comfort and relief but make sure that your skin is well protected.