How to pick the Right Wallet ?

For many men, a wallet is just an accessory. To them, it's just an item to carry their cash and cards. As a result, they often end up with wallets that are not suitable for their needs. On the market, you can find many wallets with different designs and all that you need to do is to pay more attention and choose carefully. because a wallet will not only hold on your cash and cards but help to enhance your style significantly.

To help you with this, here are 5 important things to put in mind.

  • A minimalist WALLET:a thin wallet is more practical for everyday carry, it holds cards, keys & cash securely, and can easily replace a bulky wallet. Also, a super slim wallet will never give you back pain.  
  • Capacity: the capacity of your wallet is so important it should carry all your necessary things such as your coins, cards, keys
  • RFID blocking technologyNow that you are aware that your card's information can be easily transferred and used, you should always protect yourself and go for a wallet that has have been tested for RFID scanner.
  • Durability:Make sure that you pick a durable wallet make of good material that can resist water and everyday us
  • PU leather:if you are an environmental person who won't be happy to use real leather we recommend you PU leather since it is 100% eco-friendly and it's made to last for a long time without losing its color.