Let's get green

In recent years, being environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important, and terms like ' green', 'eco-friendly' are used everywhere, in tv shows, magazines, and social media. So, what is being eco-friendly? and why we need it?

What does it mean to be 'Eco-friendly'

Being eco-friendly simply means being not harmful to the environment. It's the act of caring about nature and to prevent as much harm as possible from occurring to the environment through our interactions with it. Going green goes beyond the idea of just caring about the earth, it extends to reach all our daily practices and everything we use, including our personal items, our houses, furniture...etc.

Being kind to our nature has a great influence on our communities, businesses, and relationships. Let's not forget that there is nothing more important for human beings and other creatures than living in a healthy environment. You may wonder why is that important? Well, imagine living in a dirty room, how long can you survive? this is exactly what we are going through now. While the population is raising constuently, and the urge to consume more and more environmentally hazardous products is getting higher every day, we are slowly yet dangerously harming our earth.

Being eco-friendly goes way too far beyond just using less fuel or separating your garbage for recycling it is a whole lifestyle that changes the purpose of why and how we should live.

In the last two centuries, we started to see and feel the real impact of our indifference on the environment including hundreds of animal extinctions, deforestation, increasing CO₂ levels globally, and causing Global warming, water pollution, and many other impacts. We realized that we are making an extreme change on the earth but this change is negative. For these reasons, many companies started to work on providing eco-friendly products and promote a green lifestyle that helps to reduce our harmful impact on the environment. 

 How to Become a green person?

To become eco-friendly, we should start by becoming aware of our impact on nature, and how our love and dependence on luxurious stuff such as; cars, fashion items, cleaning products... will eventually destroy us.

Here are some basic steps that you should follow to becoming eco-friendly:

  1. Avoid consuming items that cause environmental harm, and look for an eco-friendly product that can be recycled or used for a long time.
  2. Avoid using fashion items that are made of real leather.
  3. Use as little energy as possible such as electricity, water, fuel..etc.
  4. Striving to support others that work to live and produce eco-friendly and sustainable communities.
  5. Purchase less and use more pre-owned items, this will save your money and reduce the negative impact these items have on nature. 
  6. Use less water cleaning, take shorter showers in the morning, and hit the beach for swimming instead of artificial pools. 
  7. Make sure you consume more bio food like fresh fruits and vegetables, and less artificial food such as; Sugar-free food, energy drinks, Bread products... etc.
  8. Control your urge to shop and consume more unnecessary products that not only harmful to our nature but also our health and pocket.
  9. Join eco-friendly communities and associations this will provide a helping hand to make this planet environmentally friendly.

We believe that protecting mother Earth is everyone’s responsibility including you and the most important thing to do is to start acting immediately in order to make some changes to the way you live. This means changing your daily habits including eating, driving, packaging, and clothing.