Minimalism is simply living with things that you need. It’s being surrounded by as few material items as possible. Think about it: When you have fewer clothes, deciding what to wear every day will not take more than 5 mins. Cleaning your house will be much easier. You will not have to look for a space to hide your old unnecessary items. 

Minimalist living allows you the freedom to spend less time and money on stuff and spend more energy on actually living. with fewer things, you will just focus on what makes you happy... it will give you more joy, passion, and freedom.

So If you’re looking forward to becoming a minimalist, here are our secrets.

How to become a minimalist

Now that you know what minimalism means, check hour FIVE simple and easy steps to start living a minimalist lifestyle!

1. Stop bringing new things to your house

Most of us when we bring something into our homes, then we forget about it. We think that it may be useful someday and once we decide to clean out forgotten closed we discover that we have all sorts of things that we never used and most probably we will never do.

It's important to realize that we have enough and that if we ever need something that we will only use once, we can always rent it instead of buying it. 

Soon, you will start to have more space in your house and also save a lot of money. 

2. Use it or lose it

Remember that minimalism is all about using less and keeping what we need, that's why we need to get rid of anything that we don't use.

Start with cleaning your dressing room, and you will come across many items that you have used a year or two ago, but you haven’t used it recently. These are the things that you need to give away to someone who really needs them and will surely use them more often than you do. 

If you having used that T-shirt at least twice this summer, it means that it's unnecessary and that you have too much.

Minimalism is a wild mindset, it may not be accepted by everyone, especially those who care about the appearance and adore fashion. That's why you need to be ready for critics and prejudgements.

And remember, keep only what you need now, not what you think you’ll need in the future.

3. Organize items by category

To be a minimalist you need to learn how to be organized. One of the best organizational skills is to arrange your stuff by categorizing them. You may use colors, material, or size...

Some people prefer to organize their clothes by color. In this scenario, everything in their dressing rooms and closets gets organized, and according to their mood, they can simply pick the color they want.

Organizing your stuff by categories instead of location allows you to easily get rid of the duplicates. You’ll see exactly how many socks, pair of jeans, spoons, and mugs you have. Then it will be easier for you to make the decisions about what to keep and what to lose.

4. Spend less and Save more

Minimalism does not only free you from the over-conception, it also frees you from your debts. Along with the amount of money you will be able to save with a minimalist lifestyle, you need to use that money to free yourself from debts. This brings more stability and balance to your like and to your bank account as well.

After closing your depts you will start enjoying real things like traveling and purchasing what you really need such as a car or maybe a house.

5. Minimize the space

If you are struggling to get fewer items or to lose more things that you don't use, you can just start with minimizing the space where you will put this unnecessary stuff. Imagine having a huge house with a big living room, you would automatically buy more furniture and more decoration items just to fill that unused space. So, If we avoid having big space inside our homes we will not feel that need to fill the space, and this can be applied to everything including our rooms, offices, and even closet.


              Finally, we would like to invite you to read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” written by Marie Kondo. This book will inspire you and encourage you to start a happy minimalist life.