BA facts that you need to know

For men, a wallet is an essential accessory that he must have. It does not only keeps him organized, it also helps him to stand out in a crowd. 

Here are some facts about our wallet : 
  • Our wallet are 100% eco-friendly, made of PU leather which is an artificial leather that looks and feel just like real leather without hurting any animal.
  • PU leather keeps its luster and doesn't dry out over time.
  • BA wallet is a minimalist wallet that provides you enough storage for your daily cash and your cards that you carry regularly.
  • BA wallets use RFID blocking technology that provides a total protection against RFID scanners and keeps your credit cards always safe.
  • Our RFID chips that we use is so thin you will hardly notice it's there and it has a great durability just as a normal wallet, based on your individual use.