Why you need a RFID wallet?

We all know it’s important not to share our passwords and carefully manage our accounts information, but did you know all your sensitive bank information can be breached without your knowledge directly from your pocket in any place? For this reason, RFID wallets were made.

What is RFID? 
For a better understanding, we should first start with understanding the technology. RFID is simply the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, it uses an electromagnetic field to identify and track objects integrated with the system through tags containing digital information such as bank cards. The RFID technology not only includes basic product information but access to sensitive data and tracking abilities from a distance.

Once a skimmer has obtained your card's information, it’s a relatively simple process to transfer your card's data to a new card and access your account within seconds. The great ease about this is that card scanning can occur anytime and anywhere without your knowledge. For this reason, you need always to go for an RFID wallet that keeps you well protected.

How is My Credit Card Information Getting Stolen?
Nowadays the use of credit cards has become unavoidable, It is more practical to carry a card than to have a low of money in your pocket. Some people still think that it is much safer to just use a credit card since they think if it gets stolen no one will be able to use it. Well, they can't be more wrong, nowadays your card's information can be stolen even without taking them out of your wallet, thanks to the RFID technology “skimmers” can use devices called RFID scanners to pick up credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes from passersby. These scanners take advantage of traditional RFID technology, utilizing digital advancement for theft. Just by walking along next to someone who has a credit card in a store or anywhere a few moments, is enough to copy his card's information and use them immediately. So if you still believe that your money is safe. Due to the electromagnetic field, no physical touch between the RFID scanner and your wallet is even needed! The RFID skimmer criminals will be long gone before you even realize there’s an issue.